• Pray for Christ to reveal himself to those blinded by spiritism, Islam, and other false religions.


• Pray for all 30 Amerindian tribes to be transformed by the Word of God despite government opposition.


• Pray for solutions to economic instability and high crime rates.




Home to Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall, Venezuela is as beautiful as it is diverse. From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes in the West to the open plains in the East, from the beaches in the north to the jungles in the South, Venezuela is a truly magnificent nation. And its people are as diverse as its landscape. Eighty percent of this nation’s 30 million people live in the northern coastal regions; this includes both European and African people groups. In the interior, indigenous Amerindian tribes live in remote sections of the Amazon jungles and the southern highlands.


In contrast to its natural beauty, Venezuela’s history has been marred by economic turmoil, political strife, and violence. Despite having some of the world’s largest oil reserves, many people suffer in poverty. Over half of the urban population - over a million people - live in slums often controlled by gangs or drug barons. As a result of falling oil prices and restrictive policies, Venezuela has faced severe economic crises, leading to widespread critical shortages of food and medicine. Political corruption, divisions, revolutions, and coup attempts have often plagued this fragile democracy.


Yet in the midst of significant internal strife, this nation enjoys and celebrates freedom of worship. Though the majority of Venezuelans would identify as Christian (85%), many of these Catholics and Protestants don’t attend mass or church and even mix Christianity with false teachings and unbiblical practices like Spiritism. Venezuelan Christians need to be strengthened in unity and in the Truth of God’s Word as they face pressures from the growing New Age Spirituality movement, as well as the harmful effects of Satanism. Though Evangelical churches may be small in numbers, mission training centers are growing as Christians pursue a greater vision for missions. Many believers are even gaining influence in social and political spheres. Missionaries to Venezuela face many hurdles in serving and ministering, particularly to Amerindians, as expatriate service is restrained by the government. Yet even in the midst of these challenges, the Venezuelan Church is bringing the peace of Jesus Christ to a nation in much turmoil.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: En La Cruz - Hillsong (Español): Jose Daniel Ospina Parrado


Continent: South America

Capital City: Caracas

Government: Federal presidential republic

Population: 29,069,153

Major People Groups: 63% Venezuelan Mestizo; 20% Venezuelan White; 10% Venezuelan Black; 1% Italian; 1% Portuguese

Religion: Christian 92%, Agnostic 5%, Spiritist 1%, Ethnic religions 1%, Baha'is 1%

Language: Spanish

GDP Per Capita: $7,704

Literacy Rate: 97.1%



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