• Pray for many who are still impoverished from civil war.


• Pray for Muslims to meet Christ in miraculous dreams and visions.


• Pray for protected growth of the infant indigenous Tajik Church.




Magnificent in its rugged beauty, Tajikistan is an often-overlooked gem due to its remote and challenging terrain. Tajikistan's landscape is dominated by the Pamir and Alay Mountains, which are home to many Tajiks as well as tourist attractions to those seeking adventure. With hot summers and freezing winters, Tajikistan enjoys a vast variety of landscape and temperature, from glaciers, to mountains, to lush valleys. But, in the midst of this spectacular beauty live a people fighting to survive. With 84% living in poverty, Tajikistan ranks as the poorest nation in Central Asia.


Once a Soviet Republic, Tajikistan's independence was followed by a costly five-year civil war. This violence led to the death of up to 50,000 as well as the emigration of one-tenth of the population. Tajikistan's economic infrastructure has never fully recovered. Corruption, weak governance, power shortages, and debt have left it a fragile nation. Over one million men are currently working outside the country. Although these migrant workers bring in about half the nation's GDP, they leave local villages mostly inhabited by women, children, and the elderly. Border security remains a crucial issue, as Tajikistan is one of the first stops on the drug route from Afghanistan. Crime and corruption are increasing, as well as continued issues of domestic violence against women. Although human rights are guaranteed in the constitution, many prisoners, elderly, widows, and orphans suffer much injustice.


Fear of radical Islam has led to many religious restrictions. Preaching, distribution of religious materials, and registration of churches is very difficult, if not illegal. With over 93% claiming Islam, few have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel (61.7% unreached). Despite these setbacks, a Tajik church is rising, with roughly 1,000 believers. The Bible has been translated into Tajik, and the JESUS film is available in most local languages. Economic hardship has led many to look for religious answers, providing greater opportunities for the Gospel.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: Central Asia: Tajikistan; HSIOM·


Continent: Asia

Capital City: Dushanbe

Government: Republic

Population: 8,468,555

Major People Groups: Tajik 84.3%, Uzbek 13.8%,

other 2%

Religion: Muslim 93.93%, Non 5%, Christian 1.04%

Language: Tajik

GDP Per Capita: $3,100

Literacy Rate: 99.8%



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