shohrat's story

"to the weary and burdened, I will give rest" Matt. 11:28

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Turkmenistan is one of the most closed countries to the Gospel. But even there God is drawing people to Himself. As we pray for Muslims in closed and open countries alike, remember that they are real people with worries and pain. Shohrat was one such Muslim.


Shohrat grew up learning from his mother, who taught him about Islam and how to pray. But then she lost her sight when he was 12, and he started questioning God. Why was God allowing this? Then one of Shohrat’s relatives died. This gave him even more questions.


No matter how desperate he was to find answers, they never came. By the end of high school, Shohrat had almost entirely given up on God.


Could anything cause Shohrat to be interested in God again? Would he ever find rest?

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action steps


  • WATCH as Shohrat discovers the answer to his questions and the gift that Jesus offers!

  • PRAISE God, who is moving in power in every nation – open or closed!

  • PRAY that millions of Muslims in closed countries would experience the love of Christ!

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