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unable to find peace – until Jesus

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Eastern Europe is home to millions of Muslims – and God wants every one of them to come to a knowledge of the truth. As we pray for them, remember that they are real people whom Jesus died for, not some faceless group. Ylli was one of them.


Ylli grew up learning about the last judgment. He learned that everyone must give an account to God for their sin.


This God interested him, so he listened to many Muslim teachers speak about how to be a good Muslim. But none of what he learned satisfied him, and he began to steal and commit other sins. Nothing he had been taught helped him to change and to leave these sins behind.


But one day his friend decided to visit a group of people who talked about Jesus. Ylli was furious!


Why was Ylli so mad about Jesus? What could keep him from committing the same pattern of sins? Would his life ever change?

action steps


  • WATCH as Ylli discovers that Jesus can cleanse him from sin!

  • REJOICE as believers courageously share Jesus with their friends!

  • PRAY that millions of Muslims would turn to Jesus to leave their sins behind!

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