• Pray for increased indigenous involvement in the 50+ languages still in need of translated Scripture.


• Pray for protection for the Christian government officials who have provided relative freedom for spreading the Gospel.


• Pray for young believers to stand firm on scripture and not fall back into animism, custom, or false teaching.




Comprised of over 80 islands in the southwest Pacific, Vanuatu's pristine beaches and active volcanoes intrigue and draw many to its shores. Mountainous tropical rainforests make up much of its terrain. With some of the most remote tribal cultures on earth, seemingly untouched by modernization, these islands appear remarkably disconnected from the rest of the world. Despite being one of the poorest nations in the Pacific, many hold it up as one of the happiest on earth.


Both British and French cultures have influenced Vanuatu since 1887. Having achieved independence in 1980, although followed by some riots and mutinies, Vanuatu now enjoys great political stability under a Parliamentary system led by a President and Prime Minister. Most of the ni-Vanuatu people live as subsistence farmers, and the nation faces significant economic challenges due to devastation from natural disasters (cyclones, earthquakes, tidal waves), high transportation costs, and an undeveloped economic infrastructure. Education resources are limited, and one-third of ni-Vanuatu children never go beyond a primary education. Despite these setbacks, though, the crime and divorce rates are low, and the ni-Vanuatu people enjoy a rich and stable culture.


Christianity has played a major role in Vanuatu's development. Even today, many elected officials were previously leaders in the church. In 2006 Vanuatu rededicated itself to the Lord, coming together in repentance, worship, and prayer, with the president and other government leaders in attendance.  Today 94% claim Christianity, of which 73% are Protestant. Thousands have turned away from the “John Frum” cargo cults and turned towards Jesus. Over 7,000 have recently come to Christ across the islands, with revival occurring in various locations. While Christianity is growing, the Mormons, Baha'i, and Muslims are also actively spreading their teachings. Many are also mixing traditional beliefs with their Christian faith, particularly ancestral spiritism. A deep understanding of the Gospel is needed to protect the ni-Vanuatu from false teachings.


Continent: Asia

Capital City: Port-Vila

Government: Parliamentary republic

Population: 303,009

Major People Groups: 6% Lenakel Tannese; 5% North Efate Ngunese; 4% West Ambae (Duindui); 4% Central Raga (Bwatnapni)

Religion: Christian 93%, Ethnic religions 4%, Baha'is 1%

Language: Lenakel, North Efate, Uripiv-Wala-Rano-Atchin, Bislama, West Ambae

GDP Per Capita: $2,800

Literacy Rate: 87.5%