• Pray for Holy Spirit illumination for Seychellois who claim to be Christian but practice voodoo-like spiritism.


• Pray for the Seselwa New Testament to be available to all native speakers.


• Pray for more Christian outreach to people living on the outer islands.




Located in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar, the Seychelles are a group of over a hundred granitic and coralline islands. The fact that 41 of these islands are granitic, mountainous, and located on top of a small continental shelf technically makes them a micro continent. The islands were uninhabited when the French first settled in 1770. After the Napoleonic Wars, in 1814, Great Britain gained control of the islands, which became independent in 1976. A 1977 coup brought about a socialist government which held onto power until multiparty elections in 1992. Marked by a history of plantations with a white upper class and black slavery, the Seychelles still show signs of social stratification based on skin color.


Since 1976, the economy of Seychelles has come from a near subsistence level to an upper middle income; per capita output has grown around seven times. Seychelles ranks on various extremes in Africa: it has the lowest population, the highest HDI (Human Development Index), and the most unequal distribution of wealth. The tourist sector is very important to the economy, employing roughly 30% of the labor, as is the tuna fishing industry. The Seychelles’ government is trying to lessen the dependence on tourism by promoting farming, fishing, and small-scale manufacturing.


The majority of Seychellois (96%) are Christian, with most Roman Catholic and roughly 6% evangelical.  Despite this, nominalism and superstition are very high, and many Christians mix spiritism with Christian beliefs. Surveys reveal that only 2% of the population believe Jesus is the Son of God, and 95% mix Christianity with animistic concepts. Denominational relationships can be tense, and the outer islands have had little chance to hear the message of Christ. While the evangelical population is small, they have a large vision and are actively trying to make an impact.


Continent: Africa

Capital City: Victoria

Government: Presidential republic

Population: 96,387

Major People Groups: predominantly Creole (mainly of East African and Malagasy heritage); French, Indian, Chinese, and Arab populations

Religion: Christian 95%, Agnostic 2%, Hindu 1%, Muslim 1%

Language: Seychelles Creole French, English, French, Hindi, Swahili

GDP Per Capita: $24,400

Literacy Rate: 95.9%