Sects and Expressions

pray for Muslims in different branches of Islam

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If we’re honest, many of us are ignorant to the wide variety of expressions of Islam around the globe. Sometimes our ignorance can hinder our compassion – and therefore our prayers.


How many Islamic Sects and Expressions can you name?


In this compelling and informative set of videos you will pray with former Muslims from different Islamic sects and expressions who now follow Jesus.


These prayers will...

  • increase your knowledge.
  • deepen your love.
  • expand your prayers.


Join the Body of Christ in united, informed, strategic, and compassionate prayer for EVERY Muslim – no matter their sect or expression.


Because Jesus loves them ALL.

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Sects and Expressions Videos


  1. Druze
  2. Folk Muslim
  3. Shia
  4. Sufi
  5. Sunni
  6. Wahhabi