• Pray for those who practice cultural Christianity to focus on pleasing God rather than men.


• Pray for genuine forgiveness between ethnic groups that have been at war for decades.


• Pray for sensitive and effective outreach to Muslim Bosniaks hostile to Christianity.




Tucked between Serbia in the East and the Adriatic Sea in the West, Montenegro boasts Europe's fastest growing tourist industry. With beautiful coastlines, clear lakes, and abundant beauty in such a compact area, increasing numbers of people are choosing Montenegro as their tourist destination. But despite its breathtaking beauty, the nation's history has been darkened with occupation by the Ottoman Empire, the suppression of Bosniak Muslims, Communist regime rule, and militaristic authoritarian rule. Part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until 1992, Montenegro joined Serbia as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia before claiming full independence in 2006. Social unrest and the looming threat of civil war still prevail in the surrounding Slavic nations.


The nation’s government, comprised of a parliamentary democracy, has many political parties. Its recent independence has brought a renewed sense of hope and optimism, giving this small nation a greater sense of potential. Joining the European Union and adopting the Euro will hopefully open up many economic opportunities for Montenegrins. But, in the midst of progress, the economy still faces many obstacles. Despite a difficult history of ethnic division, Montenegro desires to step into the future with a strong national identity.


Deep divisions remain between the Serbian and Montenegrin Orthodox Churches, and the Christian population remains predominantly nominal. Additionally, Bosniak Muslims residing in the nation harbor bitterness towards Christians for the way they historically treated the Muslim population. Despite these difficult hurdles, evangelical numbers have grown. Between 2000 and 2005 evangelicals increased five-fold, though still only claiming .03% of the population. Portions of the country remain largely un-evangelized.


Continent: Europe

Capital City: Podgorica

Government: Parliamentary republic

Population: 607,414

Major People Groups: 46% Montenegrin; 32% Serb; 8% Kosovar (Gheg Albanian); 8% Bosniac (Muslimani); 1% Croat

Religion: Christian 79%, Muslim 17%, Agnostic 3%

Language: Montenegrin, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovak

GDP Per Capita: $18,300

Literacy Rate: 99%