• Pray for eyes to be opened to the futility of Islam and atheism.


• Pray for the disinterested and irreligious to be confronted with their need for a personal savior.


• Pray for the eyes of the financially secure to be illuminated to their eternal depravity.




Just 62 square miles (160 square km), the tiny nation of Liechtenstein is a beautiful alpine gem tucked between Switzerland and Austria. Peaceful and prosperous, Lichtenstein is located in the heart of both Europe and the Alps, making it a truly breathtaking and inviting destination. Despite their nation's uniquely small size, Liechtensteiners enjoy a stable and robust economy, as well as rich cultural traditions in the arts. The prince boasts the second-largest art collection in the world, trailing only Britain's royal family.


Since 1719 Liechtenstein has enjoyed independence under a constitutional hereditary monarchy. In 2003 the people voted to give the Prince sweeping political power, even amidst fear that this could clear the path to a dictatorship. Due to low business taxes, many companies have established offices within the nation's borders, boosting the economy. Liechtenstein's stable politics and previous laws providing absolute bank secrecy made it a financial center. When serious concerns about the use of financial institutions for money laundering began to surface, more regulatory laws were implemented to prevent further claims.


Throughout its history, the royal family has claimed Catholicism. Likewise, 79% of the native population would claim Christianity, 69% of that being Catholic. Although often cultural and nominal, the people of Lichtenstein have a rich heritage of faith. Many lack, though, a full Gospel understanding and realization of their need for a personal relationship with their Savior. Most of the evangelical believers within Lichtenstein are expatriates, with only one evangelical fellowship started in 1985.


Continent: Europe

Capital City: Vaduz

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Population: 39,425

Major People Groups: 71% German Swiss; 6% Austrian; 4% Walser; 3% German (High German)

Religion: Christian 88%, Muslim 7%, Agnostic 5%

Language: Alemannic, Bavarian, Walser, Standard German, Italian

GDP Per Capita: $139,100

Literacy Rate: 100%