• Pray for the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into His Church and His people.


• Pray for Muslims and Hindus to encounter the love of Jesus and vibrant Christian community.


• Pray for passionate believers to creatively reach urban communities with the Gospel.




A highly educated nation, almost 100% of the British population is literate. Ornate, historic cathedrals can be found across England’s cities and countryside. The leading industries include banking, high tech manufacturing, and textiles. The influence of the British Empire during the 19th century stretched far and wide, especially affecting literature, science and the development of democracy. Today England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are four individual countries that make up the United Kingdom (UK). The UK was a member of the European Union (EU) until June 2016, when parliament voted by 52% to leave the EU — a move known as “Brexit.” Since then, the UK has been working to discern its modern identity and role on a global stage.


Since the post-war era, the strength of the British Empire decreased significantly. Once plentiful oil and natural gas reserves are declining. Recent global financial crises and a pandemic challenged the economy leaving high consumer debt, declining industry and inflation. Violent crime, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health concerns, prostitution, and drug addictions are high. As a major destination for refugees and immigrants, the British population has divided  views on immigration’s effects on the social, religious, and political landscapes of the country.


The homeland of John Wesley, William Tyndale, and John Wycliffe, England was once a thriving center of Christian thought. Sadly today, secularism and New Age are widespread. Islam is exponentially on the rise. An estimated 59% of the population claim the Christian faith, but that number is rapidly decreasing. Even more heartbreaking is the despair and hopelessness felt by the people. Many are discouraged and cynical about the future. This highly educated and historically successful nation is in desperate need of a spiritual revival. The only One who can lift the weights of hopelessness and despondency in England is Jesus Christ.



Continent: Europe

Capital City: London

Government: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Population: 56,191,000

Major People Groups: white 87.2%, black/African/Caribbean/black British 3%, Indian-British 2.3%, Pakistani-British 1.9%

Religion: Christian 59.4%, Muslim 5%, Hindu 1.5%, Sikh .8%, Jewish .5%, Buddhist .5%, other .4%, unspecified 7.2%, none 24.7%

Language: English

GDP Per Capita: $41,200

Literacy Rate: 99%