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rocked by the truth of the Bible

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The Arabian Peninsula, home to the great cities of Mecca and Medina, is the birthplace of Islam. And God is reaching people there. “Ali” is one of them.


One day “Ali” met a fellow countryman who said he was a Christian. “Ali” claimed to not have a problem with that. But secretly he planned to convert the man back to Islam. One day, they began to talk about the Bible, which “Ali” believed was corrupted. His friend asked him how he knew, but “Ali” had no answer. “Show me where the corruption is,” his friend challenged him. So “Ali” began to search the Bible for the corruption.


Will “Ali” find corruption in the Bible? How will he react to reading about Jesus?

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  • WATCH “Ali’s” life change completely because of Jesus!

  • CELEBRATE the courage of Christians sharing their faith in this region!

  • PRAY for millions more Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula to find freedom in Christ!

Testimony Videos


  1. Abdoulaye (West Africa)
  2. "Abu-Waleed" (North Africa)
  3. Ahmed (Middle East)
  4. "Aigul" (Central Asia)
  5. "Ali" (Arabian Peninsula)
  6. Ali (Turkey)
  7. "Altyn" (Central Asia)
  8. "Aman" (Central Asia)
  9. Anwar (Bangladesh)
  10. "Bedouma" (West Africa)
  11. Bekzhigit (Kazakhstan)
  12. Belka (North Africa)
  13. Boureima (Burkina Faso)
  14. Emad (Egypt)
  15. "Flor" (Somalia)
  16. "Gulya" (Uzbekistan)
  17. "Jacov" (Middle East)
  18. "Joshua" (India)
  19. "Kaja" (India)
  20. Karim (France)
  21. Keivan (Iran)
  22. Mirbek (Kyrgyzstan)
  23. Mirlan (Kyrgyzstan)
  24. "Murad" (East Africa)
  25. "Muzzafar" and "Fatima" (Central Asia)
  26. "Najma" (India)
  27. "Omar" (North Africa)
  28. Ruslan (Kazakhstan)
  29. Safiya (Kuwait)
  30. Sahanara (India)
  31. "Shahana" (India)
  32. Shaik (India)
  33. Shavkat (Central Asia)
  34. Shino and Shania (Somalia)
  35. Shohrat (Turkmenistan)
  36. "Vadim" (Central Asia)
  37. Yerkinbek (Central Asia)
  38. Ylli (Albania)
  39. Youssef (Morocco)
  40. Z.A. Khan (India)
  41. Zagi (Nigeria)

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