"Muzzafar" and "Fatima's" story

a marriage transformed by the truth of the Bible

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Islam is the dominant religion across Central Asia, but God continues to love and pursue every one of these Muslims. We need to pray for them with this in mind. People like “Muzzafar” and “Fatima.”


“Muzzafar” grew up in a Muslim family, but he struggled as he searched for God. He read the Quran, but he could not find answers there to his big questions. In fact, it left him with more questions than before!


Some religious teachers told him to read other books, like the Injil (New Testament), which he eventually passed on to his wife, “Fatima.” So “Muzzafar” read these books, which he later found out are parts of the Bible!


How would Muzzafar respond to reading the Injil? Would he finally find answers to his questions? How would his wife “Fatima” react to all this?

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  • WATCH  as “Muzaffar” and “Fatima” both discover joy and peace in Jesus!

  • REJOICE in the incredible ways that God reaches people!

  • PRAY for millions more Central Asian families to read the Truth together!

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Testimony Videos


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  8. "Aman" (Central Asia)
  9. Anwar (Bangladesh)
  10. "Bedouma" (West Africa)
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  21. Keivan (Iran)
  22. Mirbek (Kyrgyzstan)
  23. Mirlan (Kyrgyzstan)
  24. "Murad" (East Africa)
  25. "Muzzafar" and "Fatima" (Central Asia)
  26. "Najma" (India)
  27. "Omar" (North Africa)
  28. Ruslan (Kazakhstan)
  29. Safiya (Kuwait)
  30. Sahanara (India)
  31. "Shahana" (India)
  32. Shaik (India)
  33. Shavkat (Central Asia)
  34. Shino and Shania (Somalia)
  35. Shohrat (Turkmenistan)
  36. "Vadim" (Central Asia)
  37. Yerkinbek (Central Asia)
  38. Ylli (Albania)
  39. Youssef (Morocco)
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