• Pray for a surge in national Christian workers.


• Pray for unity among Christian organizations to effectively minister to this religiously diverse nation.


• Pray for more Christian internet resources in the languages of the highly connected population.




An exquisite African gem, the volcanic island of Mauritius is home to a breathtaking array of natural wonders. From the virgin forests of the island's interior to the sandy surroundings of dreamy lagoons and warm tropical beaches that span the coastline, Mauritius's habitat is as refreshing as the people who have maintained its beauty. In addition to the fairytale environment, the nation's history remains stoically distinct from the many tragedies of other African nations.


Discovered by Westerners as early at the 10th century, Mauritius was not explored until the 1500s by the Portuguese. A Dutch settlement during the 1600s ushered in five hundred years of colonial occupation ending in 1968, when Mauritius gained independence from the UK. The Dutch, French, and British occupations interestingly left the island free of political strife. The nation has since maintained a stable democracy, and the economy, though fragile upon independence, has grown through the booming tourism and textile industries. The capital city of Port Louis is the wealthiest city in Africa, and the nation has one of the highest per capita incomes on the continent. With free health care and university education, the citizens of this nation are physically well cared for.


An ethnic melting pot, Mauritius is home to peoples of Indonesian, Creole, Chinese, and European descent, and with such variety has come a multiplicity of religious beliefs. The Hindu majority, whose ideologies infiltrate much of society and culture, make it difficult to evangelize effectively. The need is great for Gospel advancement amongst unreached ethnic minorities and the young people of this nation. Mauritius has the highest opiate use in Africa, primarily among young people. In response, the church must reach out to those in bondage and share God's saving truth to people in need of healing. Pray that God would rise up steadfast leaders within the Mauritian Church and empower congregations to unite in truth, sharing the saving power of the Gospel with their family and friends.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: Vision Church Praise Mauritius; Nicholson Emilien


Continent: Africa

Capital City: Port Louis

Government: Parliamentary republic

Population: 1,386,129

Major People Groups: 31% Indo-Mauritian (Hindi); 22% Franco-Mauritian; 20% Indo-Mauritian; 6% Indo-Mauritian (Urdu)

Religion: Hindu 45%, Christian 32%, Muslim 16%, Agnostic 2%, Baha'is 2%, Chinese folk-religions 1%

Language: Morisyen, Bhojpuri, French, Urdu, Chinese

GDP Per Capita: $19,500

Literacy Rate: 91.3%



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