• Pray for preservation of religious freedom.


• Pray for Christians to commit to staying in the land in order to spread the gospel to their neighbors.


• Pray for healing and forgiveness for those deeply wounded by the tragedy of war.




Home to two of the world’s oldest cities, Byblos and Sidon, Lebanon is hemmed in by Syria and Israel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its strategic location, it has been part of many conflicts with Syria and Israel. One of the most populous nations in the Mediterranean (over four million people), Lebanon is uniquely comprised of both Shia and Sunni Muslims, as well as Christians and Druze. The official languages are Arabic, French, English, and Armenian. This diversity has made Lebanon a place of refuge for minorities throughout the region.


Lebanon is a democratic republic, and each major religion is represented in the parliamentary system. After over two years without a president, Michel Aoun, a former army commander, was elected in 2016 to help bring Lebanon out of its long history of conflict. A civil war ravaged the nation from 1975-1990, and Israel and Syria became heavily involved. Hezbollah was formed during this time and is credited with driving out the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000. Widely seen as a terrorist group, Hezbollah and Israel have had ongoing conflicts, decimating parts of the country. More recently, Lebanon has taken in roughly one million Syrian and Palestinian refugees, who now make up about 30% of the country’s population. This refugee crisis has strained the economy. Roughly 200,000 Lebanese suffer in poverty due to a lack of jobs, and an estimated 300,000 are unemployed.


Lebanon is roughly 54% Muslim (evenly divided between Shia and Sunni) and 41% Christian. This nation is home to the highest concentration of believers in the Middle East. It is the only Arab nation that promotes religious freedom and legally allows for conversion, which provides an open door for the spread of the Gospel. By reaching out to provide for the physical needs of refugees, such as food, clothing, blankets and education, the Church is seizing opportunities to meet the spiritual needs of these hurting people. Both the size and influence of the Church in Lebanon has made it a unique and strategic center for Christian ministry throughout the entire Middle East.



Source: Lovely Christian Song from Lebanon (Lebanese Christian song ): zzziad


Continent: Asia

Capital City: Beirut

Government: Republic

Population: 6,229,794

Major People Groups: Arab 95%, Armenian 4%,

Other 1%

Religion: Muslim 54%, Christian 40.5%, Druze 5.6%,

Language: Arabic, French, English, Armenian

GDP Per Capita: $19,500

Literacy Rate: 93.9%



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