• Pray for the hope of Jesus to heal widespread anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicide.


• Pray for soft hearts and true faith in Jesus among those embittered by the Church.


• Pray for immigrants to be embraced in vibrant Christian community.




With miles of breathtaking coastline, lush green forests, and castles centuries old, Ireland's beauty and history envelop this nation in tales years in the making.  The missionary work of St. Patrick during the 400's proved foundational for Christianity on an island dominated by paganism. Even so, Ireland's long Christian history has been unable to prevent its current decline as economic hardship, scandal, and secularism are leaving their own marks in Irish history.


Ireland's rich heritage began when Celtic tribes landed on its soil between 600 and 150 B.C. Norse invaders followed, conquering the rolling plains and majestic cliffs during the latter portion of the first millennia. The English subsequently ruled Ireland until 1921. Though independent, Ireland remained part of the British Commonwealth until 1949. Divided by political loyalties as well as spiritual, Northern Ireland and Ireland have faced decades of tension and unrest.  Though certain peace agreements have been reached, the island continues to face disunity. A failing economy during the later portion of the 2000's has only exasperated these issues.


As is common throughout Europe, the rise of social issues such as suicide and alcoholism have plagued the young people of Ireland, and workers are desperately needed to reach this despondent generation. Scandals and secularism have also weakened the national influence of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Church attendance that was once 85% nationally has since dropped below 50%, and an increasing number of Irish are non-religious.  Amidst spiritual hardship, revival is evident amongst charismatic believers who readily embrace the rapidly growing immigrant population. Irish believers are in need of spiritual revival in a nation where most make a profession of faith but few live radical lives for Christ.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: In Christ Alone - New Irish Hymns: tranceseraph


Continent: Europe

Capital City: Dublin

Government: Parliamentary republic

Population: 5,224,884

Major People Groups: 60% Irish; 30% Irish Gaelic; 1% British (English); 1% Polish; 1% Ulster Irish

Religion: Christian 91%, Agnostic 7%, Muslim 2%

Language: English, Irish, Polish, Arabic

GDP Per Capita: $89,700

Literacy Rate: 100%



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