Hong Kong



• Pray for continued freedom to produce and distribute Christian media.


• Pray for amassed wealth to be used for God's glory rather than materialistic excess.


• Pray for Hong Kong to lead in proclaiming the Gospel to Chinese people worldwide.




Bordering the South China Sea and mainland China in East Asia, Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor.” An administrative region of China, the city of Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. However, roughly 40% of its countryside and islands are designated as country parks and protected habitats. Hong Kong and China have a “one country, two system” relationship, established when the British handed over control of the region in 1997. This means Hong Kong continues to have a capitalist society, as opposed to China’s socialist one. The region is governed by common law and has its own economic and legal system. Hong Kong has the world’s most free economy, with no tariffs on most products. The city is a leading global financial center and has one of the busiest ports and the busiest airport for international cargo. Hong Kong’s near-autonomy has made it one of the most open and free societies in Asia.


However, Hong Kong’s freedoms balance on a knife’s edge as Beijing seeks to tighten control over the region. In 2019, millions of pro-democracy protesters rallied in the city — mainly, to oppose a law that would allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China. As protests continued for months, protestors also spoke out more broadly against the Chinese government’s overreach into the region’s affairs. Beijing decided to withdraw the extradition bill. But since then, mainland China has made a series of legal moves giving it more power in Hong Kong, from film censorship to a national security law. Hongkongers are worried about the region’s future autonomy. In day-to-day life, the people of Hong Kong are very hardworking, passionate, and detail-oriented. Affection is valued in family life, and family gatherings like trips to the beach are common.


Hong Kong citizens experience more religious freedom than any other city in China. Chinese folk religions, Buddhism, and Christianity are just a few faiths expressed here. Because Hong Kong is a key destination for those fleeing persecution and poverty in mainland China, some Chinese Christians seek to find refuge in Hong Kong. The city also serves as a launching point for missionaries and has more opportunities to spread the Gospel than the rest of China. Hong Kong is a very wealthy region, which has both positive and negative effects on the Church. Some Christians use their wealth to fund ministries and give to the poor, while others make wealth their ultimate goal. While only around 13 percent of Hong Kong’s population is Christian, the Church runs a quarter of the hospitals and the majority of schools and social organizations, giving believers more opportunities to reach the community. The people of Hong Kong may not know what tomorrow holds for their freedoms and future stability. But there is stability and peace in the Lord who holds tomorrow!



Source: 我要跟主祢, Cantonese Worship Song, I want to follow you Lord: jossong


Continent: Asia

Capital City: None

Government: Presidential limited democracy; a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China

Population: 7,263,234

Major People Groups: 77% Han Chinese (Cantonese); 9% Han Chinese (Hoklo); 5% Han Chinese (Mandarin); 1% Han Chinese (Wu); 1% Filipino

Religion: Muslim 59%, Christian 12%, Ethnic religionss 10%, Buddhist 9%, Chinese folk-religions 6%, Confucianist 2%, Agnostic 1%, Hindu 1%

Language: Chinese, English, Tagalog, Vietnamese

GDP Per Capita: $56,200

Literacy Rate: 92%



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