• Pray for accessibility to food, education, and employment.


• Pray for wisdom and courage for believers to share their faith despite persecution.


• Pray for a fully translated Bible in Comorian.




Painted with volcanoes and hills, the southern African nation of Comoros consists of three main islands between Madagascar and northern Mozambique. The picturesque tropical beaches on the islands give the impression of an island paradise. However, since the Union of Comoros gained independence from France in 1975, it has suffered through more than 20 coups or attempted coups in a thirst for power. The instability has left Comoros as one of the poorest countries in Africa – dangerously close to disintegration. A constitution was ratified in 2001, allowing the presidency to rotate among the islands every four years. Since a controversial referendum was introduced in 2018, major systemic changes have taken place.


Roughly half of the population is literate, and the low education level causes high unemployment. Just under half the population live below the national poverty line, and approximately the same amount face moderate to severe food insecurity. High population density places intense pressure on natural resources and the environment. The country’s location and topography are among the most climate-vulnerable in the world, and 54.2% of the population live in at-risk areas. The legal system is a mixture of Islamic religious law, 1975 French civil code, and customary law.


Although the constitution technically allows freedom of religion, 98% of the Comorian people are Muslim. Muslim ideals are reinforced on children at Quranic schools. Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise, and many are also involved with occult practices such as witchcraft and spirit possessions. Comoros is known as a restricted nation, where Christians are persecuted or oppressed as a result of government policy. There is frequent social discrimination, and in some areas the practice of Christianity is expressly prohibited. Of the roughly 860,000 inhabitants, there may be as few as 500 Comorian believers (though exact numbers are not known) and no official national churches. Only three churches exist in the entire nation, and these are strictly to be used by non-nationals. A strong but quiet witness exists from medical and veterinary teams that have gained public respect.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





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Continent: Africa

Capital City: Moroni

Government: Federal presidential republic

Population: 864,335

Major People Groups: 49% Comorian (Ngazija); 44% Comorian (Nzwani); 5% Comorian (Mwali); 2% Makua (Makhua)

Religion: Muslim 98%, Ethnic religions 1%

Language: Ngazidja Comorian, Ndzwani Comorian, Mwali Comorian, Makhuwa-Meetto

GDP Per Capita: $3,100

Literacy Rate: 58.8%



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