Boureima's story

finding Christ through an employee's courageous witness

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The Fulani people of West Africa are almost entirely Muslim. But God is not absent. When we pray for the Fulani or any other Muslim people group, we must remember that they are real people in need of a Savior. Boureima was one of these Fulani Muslims.


Boureima’s family and village may be Muslim, but several Christians live there also. One of them, a former Muslim who worked for his father, began to tell Boureima about Jesus.


Adama knew what he believed, and he asked Boureima questions that he could not answer no matter how hard he looked. Boureima listened to Adama explain how God saves people by grace, and it made sense. But he could not go against his Muslim father.


How would Boureima’s father react to these Christian ideas? What would happen if Boureima followed Jesus – or even attended a church service?

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action steps


  • WATCH Boureima learn about Jesus and share the gospel with many other Fulani!

  • PRAISE God for former Muslims courageously sharing their faith!

  • PRAY for millions more Fulani Muslims to follow Jesus!

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