belka's story

saved from a deep fear of death

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North Africa is home to millions of Muslims whose lives are shaped in every way by Islam. And still God is pursuing them – personally and intimately. Like Belka.


Belka grew up surrounded by Muslims. His family, his country, and his culture were all Muslim. He learned the Quran and how to pray just like everyone else. But Islam did not satisfy him, and he lived in fear of death.


As he explored the different religions in the world, he wondered if Islam really was true. One day, Belka saw an advertisement for Christian radio, and he decided to listen. When he turned the radio on, he was amazed. They were speaking in his mother tongue!


What would that radio program say? Would Belka find anything that takes away his fear?

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action steps


  • WATCH Belka discover why he should not be afraid of death!

  • THANK God for equipping people to share the Gospel in other languages!

  • PRAY that millions more Muslims would hear the Gospel in their mother tongue!

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Testimony Videos


  1. Abdoulaye (West Africa)
  2. "Abu-Waleed" (North Africa)
  3. Ahmed (Middle East)
  4. "Aigul" (Central Asia)
  5. "Ali" (Arabian Peninsula)
  6. Ali (Turkey)
  7. "Altyn" (Central Asia)
  8. "Aman" (Central Asia)
  9. Anwar (Bangladesh)
  10. "Bedouma" (West Africa)
  11. Bekzhigit (Kazakhstan)
  12. Belka (North Africa)
  13. Boureima (Burkina Faso)
  14. Emad (Egypt)
  15. "Flor" (Somalia)
  16. "Gulya" (Uzbekistan)
  17. "Jacov" (Middle East)
  18. "Joshua" (India)
  19. "Kaja" (India)
  20. Karim (France)
  21. Keivan (Iran)
  22. Mirbek (Kyrgyzstan)
  23. Mirlan (Kyrgyzstan)
  24. "Murad" (East Africa)
  25. "Muzzafar" and "Fatima" (Central Asia)
  26. "Najma" (India)
  27. "Omar" (North Africa)
  28. Ruslan (Kazakhstan)
  29. Safiya (Kuwait)
  30. Sahanara (India)
  31. "Shahana" (India)
  32. Shaik (India)
  33. Shavkat (Central Asia)
  34. Shino and Shania (Somalia)
  35. Shohrat (Turkmenistan)
  36. "Vadim" (Central Asia)
  37. Yerkinbek (Central Asia)
  38. Ylli (Albania)
  39. Youssef (Morocco)
  40. Z.A. Khan (India)
  41. Zagi (Nigeria)