• Pray for continued healing of the lingering effects of past slavery.


• Pray for the Church to powerfully represent Christ as materialism battles truth.


• Pray for followers of cults and false religions to be confronted by the true, living, and loving God.




As the easternmost Caribbean island, Barbados enjoys a beautiful and varied landscape and culture. A rich combination of both African and British roots, along with a truly authentic and breathtaking Caribbean shoreline, draws tourists from around the world. Barbados has enjoyed one of the most prosperous economies in the Caribbean based on tourism, sugar, light industry, and offshore banking. This prosperity has led to greater education, with literacy rates at nearly 100%.


Barbados claims to have never been successfully invaded by any foreign powers, since the British took control before there were any real settlements on the island. In contrast to its appearance of paradise, Barbados represented suffering and oppression for many Africans sold into slavery. Most Barbadians are descendants of 17th century African slaves, who were brought to work the sugar plantations. This grave history led Christians to initiate national repentance for past sins in 1999, desiring to be set free from the haunting and gruesome realities of the slave trade.


The island is 95% Christian, with 41% being Protestant and 32% Anglican. Despite these high numbers, nominalism and liberal theology are on the rise, along with crime and violence. The Church in Barbados sees itself in the throes of spiritual decline, with church attendance decreasing and materialism increasing. In addition, denominational leaders and independent churches lack trust and unity. Acceptance and practice of the occult is growing, and immorality is becoming increasingly prevalent, even in the church. The nation’s youth are in a precarious position, facing many temptations from an increasingly immoral society. Mormons and Muslims are targeting those disillusioned by traditional Christianity. This nation desperately needs to return to its Christian roots, but with renewed vision and commitment to Jesus and a life-transforming understanding of the Gospel.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: "Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord" (Barbados Worship); aflame4God


Continent: North America

Capital City: Bridgetown

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Population: 301,865

Major People Groups: 81% Barbadian Black; 10% British; 6% Mulatto; 2% Indo-Pakistani; 1% USA White

Religion: Christian 95%, Agnostic 2%, Baha'is 1%, Muslim 1%, Hindu 1%

Language: Bajan, English, Hindi

GDP Per Capita: $12,900

Literacy Rate: 99.60%



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