abdoulaye's story

from toothache to eternal life

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Muslims have studied Islam in the ancient city of Tombouctou, Mali for hundreds of years. But there is nowhere God cannot reach. As we pray for cities like Tombouctou, think about each person that walks through the city – because God loves them all. Abdoulaye is one such person.


Abdoulaye is the son of an Islamic legacy. His parents, and their parents, and their grandparents for generations have followed Islam.


Abdoulaye was also expected to live as a faithful Muslim, and he memorized many chapters of the Quran. He could have lived his whole life following Islam as his family did.


But one day his aunt took him to the dentist to remove a cavity. Somehow, this chance meeting with a Christian dentist changed his life!


What could the Christian dentist offer Abdoulaye? Why would Abdoulaye turn his back on his Muslim heritage? How would his Muslim family react to this change?

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action steps


  • WATCH Abdoulaye cling to the Truth, even when faced with resistance!

  • PRAISE God for using believers in all fields to reach people for Jesus!

  • PRAY for millions more Muslims across West Africa to accept Jesus as their savior!

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Testimony Videos


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