abdallah's story

saved from the emptiness of a party lifestyle

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Millions of Muslims have immigrated to other countries, leaving their old homes and making new ones. But God is calling them to an eternal home. As we pray for Muslims, keep in mind that they are real people who God loves – not an immigration problem. Abdallah is one of these people.


Abdallah is from a Muslim family, and he grew up attending mosque and saying prayers. But God never answered him. Abdallah felt far away from Him.


When he became a teenager, Abdallah wandered from Islam and began to party and drink. But that did not satisfy him either. Why was he still empty?


One of Abdallah’s friends was a Christian. Even though he still considered himself a Muslim, Abdallah liked the relationship his friend had with God. Could this be what he was missing?


Will Abdallah decide that Jesus is the answer he needs? How would that change his life?

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action steps


  • WATCH Abdallah find the One who filled the emptiness inside him!

  • THANK God for Christians who reveal God’s love through their actions!

  • PRAY for millions more Muslim immigrants to find this same eternal satisfaction!

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Testimony Videos


  1. Abdallah (France)
  2. Abdoulaye (West Africa)
  3. "Abu-Waleed" (North Africa)
  4. Ahmed (Middle East)
  5. "Aigul" (Central Asia)
  6. "Ali" (Arabian Peninsula)
  7. Ali (Turkey)
  8. "Altyn" (Central Asia)
  9. "Aman" (Central Asia)
  10. Anwar (Bangladesh)
  11. "Bedouma" (West Africa)
  12. Bekzhigit (Kazakhstan)
  13. Belka (North Africa)
  14. Boureima (Burkina Faso)
  15. Emad (Egypt)
  16. "Flor" (Somalia)
  17. "Gulya" (Uzbekistan)
  18. "Jacov" (Middle East)
  19. "Joshua" (India)
  20. "Kaja" (India)
  21. Karim (France)
  22. Keivan (Iran)
  23. Mirbek (Kyrgyzstan)
  24. Mirlan (Kyrgyzstan)
  25. "Murad" (East Africa)
  26. "Muzzafar" and "Fatima" (Central Asia)
  27. "Najma" (India)
  28. "Omar" (North Africa)
  29. Ruslan (Kazakhstan)
  30. Safiya (Kuwait)
  31. Sahanara (India)
  32. "Shahana" (India)
  33. Shaik (India)
  34. Shavkat (Central Asia)
  35. Shino and Shania (Somalia)
  36. Shohrat (Turkmenistan)
  37. "Vadim" (Central Asia)
  38. Yerkinbek (Central Asia)
  39. Ylli (Albania)
  40. Youssef (Morocco)
  41. Z.A. Khan (India)
  42. Zagi (Nigeria)